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              Delivering Excellence on Board

              About Us


              Golden Harvest was established in 1997 and headquartered in Shanghai. Over the 20 years our business has naturally grown becoming one of the largest ship suppliers in China with further operations in Dubai, Melbourne, Osaka and Piraeus. Today our company still works under the same principle "Efficient, Professional and Safe" providing the most reliable ONE STOP SERVICE to our customers all over the world.

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              Dedicated & Efficient Ship Supplier

              As the market constantly changes, Golden Harvest adapts and improves to exceed its customers’ expectations by offering an extensive range of products and services.

              We are committed to providing the most efficient and reliable service to you.

              ● Efficient and Responsive
              ● Experienced and Knowledgeable
              ● Large domestic and Global network
              ● Full IMPA and ISSA article available in stock
              ● 100% order fill rate

              Our Vision

              To build long term relationships with our customers and suppliers around the world that is positive and beneifital to all parties.

              Efficient & Professional
              We strive for the best team performance ensuring our customers are always receiving a professional and quality service with quick and efficient response.

              The well being of our team members and the crew on board is of the upmost importance and it is our responsibility to provide a safe work environment, training and equipment to mitigate any risks.

              Social Responsibility
              Golden Harvest is committed to social responsibility,with the annual LiZhiScholarship that was founded by our president Mr. Chen Lizhi which aims to build academic achievement and life skills for young people in the maritime industry.

              OUR DEVELOPMENT

              1. 2022

                Global Supply Service

                Covering hundreds of ports in over 40 countries, Golden Harvest has a strong network of experienced contracted suppliers and service partners providing physical supplies, warehousing, customs clearance and last mile delivery at all major ports globally.

              2. 2020

                Zhoushan Branch Office

                The opening of Golden Harvest Zhoushan Branch Office will provide full ship supply and on-site support at all major shipyards in the area. Fully stocked warehouse and experienced team, will ensure customers receive the quickest response, shortest lead times and most cost effective solutions during dry-docks.

              3. 2018

                Founding and Board member of SCSA – Shanghai Cruise Supply Association

              4. 2018

                Ship Repair

                Our Port and Voyage repair team is able to provide optimum solutions for emergency repairs, general maintenance and overhaul at all major ports in China. We guarantee to have your ship back on course in the shortest time.

              5. 2017

                NCL Partnership

                We became an official partner of NCL, providing Food&Beverage, Hotel Consumable and Technical solutions to its first ship in China, the brand new Norwegian Joy that is home ported in Shanghai & Tianjin.

              6. 2016

                Golden Harvest Greece Office was established in Piraeus

                Our Piraeus office is operated by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, allowing our valued customers to benefit from improved sales support and more efficient communication.

              7. 2015

                Golden Harvest Japan office was established in Osaka

                Certified with ISO 22000 - Safety Food Management

              8. 2011

                Golden Harvest Australia Pty Ltd

                Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and Located in 15 km away from Port Melbourne and 35 kilometers away from Port Geelong. We are able to assist your vessels for any urgent or general delivery services.

              9. 2010

                Registered as ISSA MEMBER

              10. 2009

                Golden Harvest Middle East Trading LLC

                Located in Dubai, our Middle East operations was set up with experienced staffs and complete facilities and stock, serving all nearby ports.

              11. 2008

                Lizhi Scholarship - Shanghai Maritime University

                Our annual scholarship program was set up with the aim of building academic achievement and life skills for young students in the maritime industry.

              12. 2007

                Tianjin Branch Office

                The success of our office in Qingdao and the growing importance of Tianjin’s main port City, naturally led us to opening up our Tianjin branch office, ensuring Golden Harvest consolidating its position as one of leading ship suppliers in China.

              13. 2006

                Qingdao Branch Office

                Our expansion into northern China, began with the opening of our office in Qingdao, allowing our customers to receive the same professional service and goods at the surrounding ports.

              14. 2005

                Certified with ISO9001:2008

              15. 2003

                Guangzhou Branch Office

                The first of several branch offices, Golden Harvest Guangzhou has become one of our major distribution hubs serving all Cargos and Cruise ports in the South China region.

              16. 2002

                Registerd as IMPA MEMBER

              17. 1997

                Tom Chen founded Golden Harvest back in the summer of 1997, formerly a lecturer at the Shanghai Maritime University; he used his knowledge and experience to start one of the first privately owned marine service providers in Shanghai.


              Quality and Professional Service
              Our company works and adheres to the highest international standards guaranteeing that our customers will always receive the best quality, value added service and products, Golden Harvest is certified with:

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