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              General Ship Supply

              General Ship Supply
              As a general ship supplier, Golden Harvest can stock and provide full range of high quality marine stores, in guidance with codes and descriptions to IMPA and ISSA standards. For efficiency supplying to vessels, we keep a large range and volume of stock to ensure that urgent requests from our customers are reliably delivered on short notice.

              For all enquires: supply@cn-goldenharvest.com


              Site Service

              To guarantee efficient communication and the quickest response to requirements, we provide full site attendance during your vsls dry-docks in China. Experienced reps will be present for daily visits, providing support to your site team and vsl for the duration of the project.

              Contact us now: repairs@cn-goldenharvest.com TEL: +86 139 1894 2330

              Guaranteed Quality
              A strong network of reputable vendors and manufacturers ensures that our stores are always of the highest quality and meet industry standards; Class and NON Asbestos Certifications. We have strict quality control processes in place to make certain that all goods that arrive and leave our warehouses are correct and in good condition.

              Initial Supply
              Our team are highly experienced in handling Initial Supplies, reliably assisting with hundreds of New Building Projects over the past 20 years at Chinese Shipyards and also efficiently exporting to foreign Shipyards.

              Full Shipyard Coverage
              Large network of branch companies and well established business relations with local Ship Builders, allow Golden Harvest direct access to supply at all major shipyards in China.

              Cruise Ship Supply

              Cruise Ship Supply
              Our Cruise Ship Supply Division is experienced and specialised in providing the best supply and logistics solutions at all cruise terminals in China.

              Our Partners

              FOOD & BEVERAGE
              At Golden Harvest, we understand that on board restaurants and bars are a major part of the cruise experience. Our aim is to deliver supplies of the highest quality, providing your Chefs with the freshest produce to help them achieve culinary excellence and the high satisfaction levels of your guests. All food categories are available:

              FRESH PRODUCE


              MEAT & POULTRY


              For all enquires: cruise.supply@cn-goldenharvest.com

              Spare Parts

              Spare Parts
              Our professional ship spares team specializes in ships’ spares “one stop service” to vessels, including supplying Original and OEM spares parts of diesel engine & marine equipment, reconditioning main parts of engine, ship repair and ship spares logistics service. All spare parts of are of the highest quality catering to the needs of each vessels and owners.

              Spare Parts and Equipment:

              MAN: K/L/S/G MC/MC-C/ME-B/ME-C series

              350-980mm cylinder bore etc.

              WARTSILA: RT/RT-flex/X series

              ● Other 2-STROKE ENGINE

              ● Other 4-STROKE ENGINE

              ● TURBOCHARGER
              ● OIL PURIFIER
              ● COMPRESSOR
              ● REFRIGERATOR
              ● PUMPS
              ● PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER
              ● INCINERATOR/BOILER
              ● OIL-WATER SEPARATOR

              Marine Maintenance: We can arrange for qualified engineers to inspect, repair, recondition, and provide complete overhaul service.

              For all enquires: spares@cn-goldenharvest.com

              Ship Repair

              SHIP REPAIR

              Our Port and Voyage repair team is able to provide optimum solutions for emergency repairs, general maintenance and overhaul at all major ports in China. We guarantee to have your ship back on course in the shortest time.

              24/7 SERVICE
              COST EFFECTIVE

              FOR EMERGENCY: +86 139 1894 2330

              E-MAIL: repairs@cn-goldenharvest.com

              Range of Services

              ? Steel Structure

              ? Alternation of ship’s marking (ship’s name repainting on bow and stern)

              ? Replacement of anchor and anchor chain

              ? Main engine overhaul

              ? Recondition piston crown, exhaust valve spindle and seat, fuel injection nozzle of main engine and generator

              ? Electrical & electronic appliance overhaul and repair

              ? Life saving and firefighting equipment service

              ? Underwater operation (video and photographic inspection, welding, cleaning, etc)

              ? Turbocharger repair

              ISO9001-2008 Management System certified by DNV


              Our experienced logistics team are fully capable of providing a reliable logistic and transit solutions, receiving your goods and arranging customs clearance and closely monitoring your goods until delivery on board or to the specified final destination.

              Smart, Safe and Smooth
              Agency license combined with strong knowledge of documentation procedures, and regulations, ensures our team provides you with smart solutions for your logistical needs.

              We guarantee the safe Transportation and warehousing of your spare part and providing effective communication with up to date information of the movements of your spares, giving you a smooth experience.

              Cost Effective
              On Time Delivery
              Large logistics Network
              Good Communication & Prompt Feedback

              For all enquires: logistics@cn-goldenharvest.com

              Our Export division is the leading marine store exporter in China, dedicated and highly experienced, every year we export large volumes of good quality marine stores and spare parts to our customers all over the world.

              Quality & Value
              The whole IMPA range of stores for export is carefully selected from our extensive list of reputable vendors and must pass our strict quality controls. Our large annual volume guarantees that we can provide the best prices.

              MOQ FREE
              MIXED CONTAINERS

              Smooth Delivery
              We are fully experienced in reliably arranging the shipping process according to our customer’s instructions, such as EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF, or providing the best way.

              For all enquires: ghitco@cn-goldenharvest.com

              Global Supply Service

              Global Supply Service:

              Through its overseas branch offices and corporation partners around the world, Golden Harvest provides its customers with the most reliable and cost effective global ship supply service

              Covering hundreds of ports in over 40 countries, Golden Harvest has a strong network of experienced contracted suppliers and service partners providing physical supplies, warehousing, customs clearance and last mile delivery at all major ports globally.

              Bussine Scope:

              ?Marine Stores & Equipment ?Provisions ?Spare Parts ?Export

              ?Logistics ?Warehousing ?Custom Clearance ?Last Mile Delivery

              ?Safety/Fire Inspection & Service ?Lifeboats Inspection & Service

              ?Port & Voyage Repair

              For all enquires: overseas@cn-goldenharvest.com

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