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              Spare Parts

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              Spare Parts

              Our professional ship spares team specializes in ships’ spares “one stop service” to vessels, including supplying Original and OEM spares parts of diesel engine & marine equipment, reconditioning main parts of engine, ship repair and ship spares logistics service. All spare parts of are of the highest quality catering to the needs of each vessels and owners.

              Spare Parts and Equipment:

              ● MAN: K/L/S/G MC/MC-C/ME-B/ME-C series

              350-980mm cylinder bore etc.

              ● WARTSILA: RT/RT-flex/X series

              ● 2-STROKE ENGINE
              ● 4-STROKE ENGINE
              ● TURBOCHARGER
              ● OIL PURIFIER
              ● COMPRESSOR
              ● REFRIGERATOR
              ● PUMPS
              ● PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER
              ● INCINERATOR/BOILER
              ● OIL-WATER SEPARATOR

              Marine Maintenance: We can arrange for qualified engineers to inspect, repair, recondition, and provide complete overhaul service.

              For all enquires: spares@cn-goldenharvest.com

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